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Служба ООН по вопросам разминирования (ЮНМАС)

Fourteen UN department, agencies, programmes and funds play a role in mine-action programs in 30 countries and three territories. A policy developed jointly by these institutions (Mine Action and Effective Coordination: the United Nations Inter-Agency Policy) guides the division of labor within the United Nations. Much of the actual work, such as demining and mine-risk education, is carried out by nongovernmental organizations. But commercial contractors and, in some situations, militaries, also provide humanitarian mine-action services. In addition, a variety of intergovernmental, international and regional organizations, as well as international financial institutions, also support mine action by funding operations or providing services to individuals and communities affected by landmines and explosive remnants of war. Сайт: www.mineaction.org/
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Руководящие принципы учета гендерных аспектов при осуществлении программ по разминированию

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